Is The Church Being Forced To Endorse Same-Gender Marriages?

Is The Church Being Forced To Endorse Same-Gender Marriages?

By admin in Christian News · February 21, 2014 · No comments

By Nigel Boys

According to Russel D. Moore, if things keep going in favor of homosεxual marriages the way they are at the moment, churches in the future who still hold to Biblical principles, will become known as narrow-minded, prejudiced congregations with blinkered visions of humanity.

The President of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), was speaking, via Skype, to executive directors and editors of Baptist publications at a meeting in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Although Moore had intended to attend the meeting personally, weather conditions and cancelled flights had made that impossible, hence the discussion via Skype.

The evangelical theologian told those listening to him that, although he had expected the support of gay marriages to grow, he didn’t quite expect how fast it would escalate, even in states that he previously thought would object to same-sεx marriages, such as Utah, Oklahoma and Kentucky.

Moore went on to say that, since certain parts of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) were struck down by the Supreme Court last year, it was the beginning of the end for those who believed in the old values of the traditional marriage, as they would soon become outcasts in society.

The Southern Baptist preacher continued that churches need to be ready for the onslaught of pressure that will try and force them to accept same-sεx marriages. He added that churches need to stand up for their rights and tell the world that they are not bigoted, neither are they narrow-minded, they are just obeying the rules of the Creator.

With regards to standards of seεxual morality,Moore said that “These are things that have been given to us by Jesus….” He continued that Baptist leaders need to understand that while they couldn’t compromise the Word of God, they should teach people the truth, while loving those who are in sin and that was the way to win them to Christ.

However, even though DOMA has suffered at the hands of the courts, Moore has confidence that they will uphold the religious freedom of businesses, which choose not to participate in providing contraceptive services for their employees as obligated to do so in the Affordable Care Act, when they hear arguments in March this year.


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