Police: Pastor Touched Young Girl While Church Members Said Nothing

Police: Pastor Touched Young Girl While Church Members Said Nothing

December 22, 2013 Filed under News, Uncategorized Posted by Staff

pastor michael-bryant-arrestedBy Lillian Armstead

Another pastor was arrested this week.  The 48 year old Pastor – Michael Bryant was taken into custody on December 18, 2013 for molesting a teenager at his church.

Reportedly the pastor would allegedly take advantage of the teenager by removing his genιtals from his clothing and showing it to the victim.  He would then strοke, feel and massage the vιctim, reports WREG-TV. All of this occurred while her mother was at work.

Bryant whose church is in Memphis, Tennessee – Hour of Restoration Church of God in Christ is now behind bars.  Bryant pastored the church for 3 years.  Prior to taking on his current pastoral duties, he served as an elder with another church – Greater Community Temple COGIC.

The victim, a 16 year old family member, reports that she told her mother repeatedly of the abuse; however her mother never reported the crime to authorities.  Instead, her mother offered the situation up in prayer – hoping that it would come to an end. No information was given on how the vιctim is related to the pastor.

Although Bryant told the girl’s mother he was guilty of mοlesting her child, the mother asked God to take the lustful thoughts out of the pastor’s head – she never took the matter to the police.  Reportedly some of the other church members knew of the incident as well – however, chose not say anything.

One member, Leonard Gray stated that he was upset about the report and that he did not believe the allegations because the pastor was an honorable man of God.  One of the pastor’s neighbors said the story was unbelievable because the pastor always toted a bible.

Officials believe the pastor’s latest attack on the 16-year old was earlier this week.  When the vιctim reported the incident to her aunt, the aunt turned the incident over to law enforcement officials; this resulted in the arrest and sεxual charge.

What do you think? Does this happen too often in the church, or is this an isolated incident?

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