Parents of Kendrick Jonhson Renew Calls for Justice at Atlanta Church

Parents of Kendrick Jonhson Renew Calls for Justice at Atlanta Church


Members of a local Atlanta church are joining the calls for justice in the dea†h of Valdosta teen Kendrick Johnson. At Ebenezer kendrick johnson 2Baptist Church the congregation stood with Johnson’s parents in their prayer that the case will be resolved.

Kenneth and Jacqueline Johnson have been without their 17-year-old son for nearly a year. They are now turning to supporters for help in hopes of determining the cause of their son’s dea†h. Although the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has ruled Johnson’s de†h an accident, the family is still seeking answers.

“The reputation of our state is on the line, and we cannot allow Georgia to have a moral and ethical black eye,” said Senior Pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church Raphael Warnock.

“We are not making any accusations, we are not making any recriminations. We are calling for an investigation,” added Jaqueline Johnson.

Kendrick Johnson, whose body found rolled up in a gym mat at his high school, passed away under suspicious circumstances.

An independent autopsy determined that the Georgia teen’s dea†h was not accidental, as originally determined, but caused by “unexplained, apparent non-accidental, blunt force traµma.”

Adding to the family’s suspicion is the fact that four cameras inside the Valdosta, GA gymnasium showed only a few seconds of Johnson jogging and the camera that was fixed on the gym mats, where Johnson’s body was found, was blurry. The footage was also jumpy, with students intermittently appearing and vanishing, and the footage does not have any timestamps.

“Those files are not original files,” said forensic analyst Grant Fredericks, who was hired by CNN. “They’re not something investigators should rely on for the truth of the video.”

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