Mom Mistakenly Guns Down Her Own Daughter After Argument with Boyfriend

Mom Mistakenly Guns Down Her Own Daughter After Argument with Boyfriend



Ruby Bing

Advocates for gun control have long highlighted dea†hs among people who knew each other as evidence that the U.S. is in the midst of an epidemic. Although mass shoo†ings do occur, dea†hs due to small firearms are more frequent. A heartbreaking incident in Florida will surely add to the discussion over what should be done to minimize gun v!olence in America.

A mother who had recently ended an argument with her boyfriend fatally wounded her own daughter after firing at the door. Adele Bing, 52, fired at the front door of her home thinking that her boyfriend had returned, but instead her 4 month old granddaughter and daughter had just arrived at the home for a visit.

Prior to k!lling her daughter, Adele Bing had argued with her boyfriend, James Lane,  and injured him with a gun, sending him to the hospital. Apparently when Adele Bing’s daughter, Ruby Bing, knocked on the door, the elder Bing thought the knock was her boyfriend returning to the home and opened fire.

Authorities say Adele Bing went to the front door armed with a baseball bat and a firearm and sho† as she opened the door, hi†ting her daughter once in the chest. The daughter’s four month old survived but Ruby Bing did not.

Adele Bing is charged with second degree mµrder and child abuse.


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