Girlguide Troop Replaces It’s Oath to God After Pressure Mounts to be More Secular

Girlguide Troop Replaces It’s Oath to God After Pressure Mounts to be More Secular

By admin in Ladies Who Love the Lord · August 27, 2013 · No comments

A Christian Girlguide troop hit controversy after refusing to drop an oath to God from their traditional mantra.   But the debate is now over, and the group has agreed to drop the oath and allow for something more secular.

This is all part of a plan that will allow there to be an oath that is free from religion, after there was 839 complaints about the previous oath.   The girls originally made a promise to God, but are now going to promise to “be true to myself and develop my beliefs.”

The group was originally standing firm in their refusal to make the adjustment, receiving support from a former Bishop out of Harrogate, North Yorkshire.  The group claimed to have God at its core and was refusing to budge.

But the troop had to back down after meeting with the heads of the organization, Girlguiding UK, which told them that they cannot make an exception.

The mess started when a local volunteer and atheist, Jem Henderson, attacked the group, alongside the National Secular Society.

The rebelling group that insisted upon keeping the oath was then supported by former Bishop of Rochester Michael Nazir-Ali.   He said that the organization was “rooted in the Christian faith and that the controversy could lead to an ugly split.

“I think it’s more important that all girls get included in Guides than just the ones that have religious affiliation,” said Henderson, the atheist.

It seems that secularism is everywhere.


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