Some Gay Men Want Full Blown AIDS So They Can Get Free Food, Shelter

Some Gay Men Want Full Blown AIDS So They Can Get Free Food, Shelter

August 8, 2013 | Filed under: News | Posted by: yvette

When most people think of contracting HIV and AIDS, they think of a potential death sentence. Although it is true that advancements in medicine have made living with HIV manageable, who would ever want the disease? Well, according to Out magazine, there is an entire subset of gay men who want AIDS so that they can gain access to such bare necessities as food and a roof of their heads.

Courtesy: OUT Magazine

Courtesy: OUT Magazine

Tye Fortner, a prost!tute from the age of 16, and a crack user, explained to Out  how having the disease changed his life for the better:

After years of homelessness and a day-to-day existence, Fortner, now 28, was faced with the tantalizing prospect of a place to sleep, regular meals, and more thorough New York City services provided to people who reach a certain stage of the disease. First he would have to meet their diagnosis requirements; then he would receive help.

So in essence, Tye, and other men like him, are faced with the reality that they must get really sick, to the stage of full blown AIDS, before they can have a comfortable way of life.

Sage Rivera, a research associate at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has worked with more LGBT youth than he can count, and says he’s run across men who believe that the disease actually saved their life.

“It’s sort of like a sigh of relief or an extra boost,” he says. “There are a whole bunch of different names for HIV within the [LGBT] community: ‘the monster,’ ‘the kitty,’ ‘the scratch,’ ‘the gift that keeps on giving.’ So people say, ‘I have the kitty — so now I can get my place. Now I can get hooked up; I can get my food stamps, I can get this, I can get that.’

“Other people say, ‘I do not know what I would have done without the monster.’ I can think of five boys, automatically, who’ve told me this.”

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