Bro-Choice’: Men Admit Wanting Abort!ons for Women To Avoid Responsibility of Fatherhood

‘Bro-Choice’: Men Admit Wanting Abort!ons for Women To Avoid Responsibility of Fatherhood

By Staff in Christian News · July 19, 2013 · No comments

By Nigel Boys

The “bro-choice” movement, a name loosely associated with men who believe in women having abortions so that they don’t have to take on the responsibility of fathering a child, has been exposed by an undercover video taken recently at a university campus in Colorado.

Reportedly, the “bro-choice” movement was founded by Choice USA, a project of feminist Gloria Steinem, which is a reproductive right’s non-profit organization based in Washington D.C.

Choice USA’s website states that usually people think that a reproductive justice activist is a woman and they don’t realize that many men have become involved in the way that reproductive oppression affects them.

There is also a pledge for those men who support the “bro-choice” movement on Choice USA’s website. The pledge includes asking women for consent before having s*xual activities with them and fighting for the rights of women to have ab0rtions.

In the undercover video, conservative reporter Caleb Bonham, interviews several male students at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado, and the “bro-choice” movement is exposed even further.

Bonham said that “Essentially, my video reveals a rarely discussed but prevalent self-centered mindset among the college aged bro-choice crowd.” He continues “One that views ab0rtion as a means to ensure materialistic responsibility-free sex.”

One male student in the video states that the “bro-choice” movement is the right choice for males who want to have s*x with a girl and don’t want the responsibility that goes with that relationship.

Bonham tests another male student by stating that if ab0rtion on demand was not as freely available, then men wouldn’t have s*x as often as they do and the student replies “That’s the truth man.”

Bonham tells another student that he has heard that Planned Parenthood is a really cool place to pick up “chicks.” The student laughingly replies that he hasn’t tried it but should maybe go there to try.

An article by columnist Ben Sherman entitled “Bro-Choice: How HB2 Hurts Texas Men Who Like Women,” shows his concerns about the latest ab0rtion ban in Texas that outlaws abortions after the 20-week stage.

Sherman wrote that a man’s s*x life was at stake. He continued that because ab0rtions will not be so easy to come by in Texas because of the new ab0rtion ban, men would suffer because women would be thinking more of the consequences of having casual s*x, therefore making it harder for the man to get “laid”.

However, some think that members of the “bro-choice” movement are nothing more than s*xist pigs and male chauvinists.

Kirsten Powers of The Daily Beast tweeted that members of this new movement are pathetic examples of men and they should grow up and act more like a real man who takes responsibility for his actions.

Concerned Women for America’s, Brenda Zurita, wrote in an article entitled “Bro-Choice for Irresponsible and Commitment-Phobic Men Everywhere,” that Sherman and his “bro-choice” buddies were really saying that the only thing they want from a woman is s*x and nothing more.

Zurita went on to write that these men support abortion rights for women so that they don’t have to become responsible fathers of children. She added that this type of man will only support a woman when they are on the way to the abortion clinic and need a ride to get there.

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