Molly: Sold to Teens as a “Safer” High But is a Deadly Drug

Molly: Sold to Teens as a “Safer” High But is a Deadly Drug

mollyBy Staff Blogger

Molly. It seems like a perfectly innocent girl’s name. It was perfectly innocent…until people started using it as a code name for a powdered form of MDMA which is the main drug in Ecstasy. It is often laced with other highly addictive drugs. Molly is often advertised as pure MDMA, but most of the time the people who buy it have no idea what they are about to put in their bodies. The dealers can cut it with talcum powder, laundry detergent, or even heroin.

Dr. Ken Bachrach says that parents should be very worried as the number of MDMA-related ER trips has been increasing over the years. The drug is easily accessible, especially in schools and at concerts. They market Molly to the younger generation and kids who like to go to clubs. They claim that it is a safer way to get high and will enhance their club experience. There haven’t been any long term studies of Molly but it can be just as deadly with one hit as any other drug can be.

MDMA itself has been around for many years. It was developed by Merck Pharmaceuticals in 1914. It started getting to nightclubs in New York in the eighties, and then by the nineties it was a staple drug at all the clubs and raves. The drug will induce feelings of happiness and euphoria, and will give the person who took it a high that makes them feel like they are floating. In the last decade MDMA has come back to clubs, but this time in the powdered form called Molly.

Some of the side effects of taking Molly are teeth grinding, insomnia, fever, dehydration, seizures, and depression due to a huge drop in serotonin. When taken by itself it is rarely fatal, but when cut with other drugs or substances just one hit can kill you.

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