Teacher Removed from School Grounds for Fighting Planned Parenthood

Teacher Removed from School Grounds for Fighting Planned Parenthood

By bowatkin in Christian News · June 15, 2013 · No comments

Bill Diss, a teacher at Benson High School in Portland,Oregon, who has been fighting against the presence of Planned Parenthood in his classroom, was escorted from the school grounds by police and now he is afraid he might permanently lose his job.

Diss, who is known for his opposition to Planned Parenthood, has been a math and computer science teacher at the school for 11 years.

In 2007, Diss started to try to stop the influence of the abortion provider in the community by organizing efforts after school hours.  After he was removed from the school, Diss told reporters that he fought Planned Parenthood because he had a right to do so.

Diss has been on paid leave since March 19th and has been informed that he has been recommended for dismissal from the school before the next school year. Police escorted him from school grounds just after he had been informed that he was being put on immediate administrative leave.

According to the teacher, he received notice that “pending a recommendation to the superintendent that you be dismissed from your employment withPortlandpublic schools for reasons that have been discussed with you.”

Diss went on to say that he was given a short time to collect his things and told not to come back, before being escorted from the building.  For years, the outspoken teacher has protested Planned Parenthood of Columbia Willamette (PPCW) for building an abortion facility as well as their interference into the city’s schools.

However, things came to a head when he refused to allow PPCW workers to enter into his classroom to tell the students about their Teen Outreach Program.  Ever since then, the PPCW and the school’s administration have apparently had it in for him.

The program that PPCW wanted to discuss with the students was related to the origin of s*xual toys and their evolution throughout history.  In their advertisement for the program, PPCW say that they will explain the different types of s*x toys, what they are used for, what they are made from and how to take care of them so they will last longer.

The world appears to be changing in very interesting ways.

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