D.C. Police Officer Executed by Stepson at Point Blank Range Over Yard Work

D.C. Police Officer Executed by Stepson at Point Blank Range Over Yard Work

D.C. police detective Joseph Newell Jr. was reportedly well liked in his community and served the police force admirably, according tonewell stepfather DC killed those who knew him. Although Newell  faced numerous dangers in his life as a detective, he probably never realized that the biggest threat he faced would be his own stepson, Antwan Rayvon James, who allegedly killed his stepdad over yardwork.

Newell was standing on a stepladder in the garage of his Upper Marlboro home when he told his stepson to put some fertilizer on the lawn. For reasons family and friends are struggling to comprehend, that enraged James, who returned to the garage and fired one bullet into the officer’s back, and then stood over Newell after he fell and continued firing.

“It was an execution,” said Prince George’s County Assistant Police Chief Kevin Davis.

Investigators say this was a “senseless” murder, triggered because James, 27,  “didn’t like” yardwork.

Newell, 46, had worked vice in the city’s 5th Police District and also 6D, known as one of the most violent areas. Cmdr. George Kucik, who commands the city’s detective squads,says Newell was good with the community.

“People talked to Joe,” Kucik said. “He got information.”

Investigators say Newell had just returned from the grocery store when he asked his stepson for help with the yard. James did not argue with Newell when asked to help, but his step-mom yelled at him for not listening to his stepdad, to which Newell replied, “Oh yeah? Watch this.”

James initially fled the scene of the crime, but  himself in to police on Tuesday.

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