Unspeakable: Mother Suspected of Shoving Víbrator Into Toddler’s Anús

Unspeakable: Mother Suspected of Shoving Víbrator Into Toddler’s Anús

April 12, 2013 Filed under News Posted by Maria Lloyd

Rickesha Burns

Rickesha Burns

Twenty-one-year-old Rickesha Burns is suspected of doing the unspeakable to her two-year-old son. Approximately two weeks ago, Burns called 911 and said her son was bleeding from his anús but she didn’t know why.

Burns claimed she was at a park with her son that day, March 24, and while she was “looking at a text message for about 10 seconds,” a boy she didn’t know at the park did “something” to her son, according to court documents obtained by New Times. ”She said she does not know what he did but is sure he did something,” a probable-cause statement says.When the boy was brought to a local hospital, doctors discovered that he had numerous bruises around his anús, a “hanger-type” bruise on his hip, and yet another bruise on his neck. Doctors also found an object lodged in his rεctum, which appears to be ”a víbrator or some other sεx toy.” The object was surgically removed, according to court documents. Police said the injuries around the boy’s anús appear to be caused by a hanger, or similar object, being used in an attempt to get the object out.

Police interviewed Burns, who still claimed that a teenage boy at a park did it, even though she “believes it is her víbrator,” and police found the boy’s blood on her shirt, according to court documents. A Phoenix police spokesman said there was zero evidence supporting Burns’ claim that the boy was assaulted at the park. In a desperate attempt to plead her innocence, Burns told police that she “worked hard to get her son back and would not do anything like this to hurt her son.”

In fact, court records show that Burns was investigated for child abuse in 2011, but it doesn’t appear that criminal charges were ever filed. State records don’t show any criminal history for Burns, other than a couple of misdemeanor cases related to driving without the proper documentation. At her arraignment on Wednesday, Burns pleaded not guilty to the charges against her, including sεxual conduct with a minor and child abuse. A judge had previously ordered that Burns be held without bond.


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