Whoa: Two Fifth Graders on Trial for Plotting to Murder their Classmate

Whoa: Two Fifth Graders on Trial for Plotting to Murder their Classmate

classmateSome kids might just be a little bit out of control.  Two fifth graders are now on trial for plotting to murder a girl in their class.   The boys, age 10 and 11, have been ruled competent to stand trial in juvenile court, both being charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

The case, which occurred in Northeast Washington, involves a handwritten plot that the boys put together, with seven steps on how they were going to kill the little girl.  The list has been presented as evidence of their mental capacity to stand trial, but it could be better evidence of just how disturbed they might be.

Stevens County Prosecutor Tim Rasmussen made the argument that the boys understood the nature of their crime and the consequences.  This led the judge to rule that they could be tried.  Both boys have pleaded not guilty to  conspiracy to commit murder, witness tampering and juvenile possession of a firearm.

The boys were arrested at the Fort Colville Elementary School.  Their backpacks were searched when a fourth grader saw the boys playing with a knife on a school bus.  When their backpacks were searched, the boys also had a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol with bullets.  The boys are both being held on $100,000 bail. 


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