Pastor Faces a Felony for Accidentally Shooting His Granddaughter

Pastor Faces a Felony for Accidentally Shooting His Granddaughter

By maria in Christian News · January 18, 2013 · No comments

A Rochester pastor is charged with a felony for shooting and wounding his granddaughter after mistaking her for an intruder last month.


In a case of mistaken identity, 61-year-old Rochester, MN, pastor Stanley Wilkinson is charged with intentional discharge of a firearm that endangered safety — a felony charge — for critically shooting his 16-year-old granddaughter.

The incident occurred last month at Pastor Wilkinson’s home. He and his wife were sleeping when they heard — what they thought was — an intruder entering the home. Pastor Wilkinson grabbed his gun and fired twice at the person, striking them once in the neck.

Unfortunately, the alleged intruder was Pastor Wilkinson’s granddaughter. She was living with her grandparents at the time of the shooting, and entered the home at around 11 PM. The teen told police she left her grandparents’ home without them knowing. She was listed in critical condition following the shooting.

Pastor Wilkinson attributed his anxiety to a recent burglary that occurred at a nearby recreation center.

Do you believe this pastor should be charged with a felony?


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