Your Health Is At Risk:Incurable Mutation Is the Second Most Common STD Discovered

Your Health Is At Risk:Incurable Mutation Is the Second Most Common STD Discovered

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If you are sexually active, have had multiple s*xual partners (including “oral interaction”) or if you just care about your health, then you need to get tested for STDs, pronto. Everyone should know by now that sleeping with multiple or high risk partners puts you at risk of catching an STD, but what you may not know is that scientists have recently discovered a strain of a commonly known (and quite downplayed) STD that is not yet curable. Doctors have yet to produce an antibiotic that can counteract this mutant strain of a highly prevalent STD, which is troubling to most because it is incredibly common.

Recently scientists discovered a strain of gonorrhea in North America that is not yet curable. The Center for Disease Control is quite concerned, not only because they cannot cure this illness, but also because it shows that the bacteria has become immune to antibiotics that treat gonorrhea. This clearly indicates that the disease is getting stronger. Gonorrhea in the past has been quite curable, which has been fortunate for us because it is the second most common STD in the world.

Cephalosporins is an antibiotic used to treat gonorrhea.  In fact, it is the last line of defense against the infection. In one clinic in Toronto, researchers discovered that 6.7 percent of people who finished a treatment of cephalosporins were still infected by the disease a week later. The research shows that one in 15 people in the study are infected with the mutated form of the disease. Generally, if you are suffering from gonorrhea you will experience itchiness, infertility, abdominal pain, problems urinating and, if you’re a woman, infertility.  Almost 700,000 Americans become infected with gonorrhea every year.

It is recommended that you go to the doctor to get a complete panel of tests for STDs, and not just get tested for HIV.  Also, it is recommended that you be selective about sex partners, always use protection even with long-term partners and try to see a copy of recent test results before sleeping with anyone.  This goes for kissing, oral and all the other ways that human beings love to spend their quality time.  It’s no longer a game out here, so please be careful.


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