Student Charged with Plotting to Blow Up His Black Classmates

Student Charged with Plotting to Blow Up His Black Classmates

January 8, 2013 | Filed under: News | Posted by: bowatkin


The entire country might be talking about Alabama because of their national championship football team, but there is another unfortunate incident that might also bring notoriety to the state.  An Alabama teenager has been charged with planning an explosives attack on his school, with the alleged intent to blow up his black classmates.

Derek Shrout, a 17-year old boy, wrote in a journal that he planned to terrorize Russell County High School in Seale, Alabama.  A teacher found the notebook and contacted authorities.  Shrout is a ”self-proclaimed white supremacist” who had put together several homemade hand grenades in preparation for his attacks, according to authorities.  When police searched his home, they allegedly found dozens of containers filled with shrapnel, drilled with holes for the fuses.

According to Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor, the explosives were nearly ready to be exploded

“The first thing I wanted to know was if you did exactly what he wrote, would it blow up? And everybody that I’ve consulted with has said that it would absolutely blow up exactly the way he wrote it.”

The student identified six students that he allegedly planned to attack.  But when he was confronted about the notebooks, he said that it as all fictional writing.   Regardless, he is now being charged with felony attempted assault.


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