3 Million ‘Discouraged Workers’ Have Ceased Employment Search

3 Million ‘Discouraged Workers’ Have Ceased Employment Search

The Labor Department calculates that 3 million Americans are hopelessly unemployed and have stopped seeking employment.Photography by NHOPHOTOS.com

The Labor Department reports there are 3.25 million Americans who are labeled “discouraged workers” because they’ve ceased to find employment — despite the growing number of jobs available.

Several factors have been linked to these individuals’ decisions to stop seeking employment: 1) Age – Workers over the age of 55 have a harder time finding employment. They are the fastest growing number of discouraged workers. 2) Family – Some parents have utilized their unemployment to focus more on raising their children during the fickle economy. 3) Education – Students who anticipated a blossoming career upon graduating from college have decided to enroll back in school until the economy stabilizes.


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