Father Michael Pfleger Blasts the NRA for Their Press Conference on Sandy Hook

Father Michael Pfleger Blasts the NRA for Their Press Conference on Sandy Hook

December 22, 2012 | Filed under: News | Posted by: bowatkin


Not one to ever hold back his words, Father Michael Pfleger spoke to the recent press conference by the National Rifle Association (NRA) about the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  In a statement on his Facebook page, Father Pfleger said that the NRA has shown clearly that they value profits over people and bungled the press conference:

The NRA had a shameful response today to the shootings in Newtown….. THE USUAL MORE GUNS! What the h**l is an armed guard going to do in a school when a sick person comes with an assault weapon except add another body to the count. The NRA have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are an insensitive, bloodsucking, greedy and evil persons who don’t give a d**n about our children or our safety, who care more about profit than people! It’s time for us to take them on and put them out of business!

Pfleger says that it’s time for all Americans to stand up against those who seek to perpetrate gun violence.  As a resident of the South Side of Chicago, Father Pfleger has seen gun violence up close.  Pfleger, who is white, also believes that it is racism that leads the nation to be more sensitive to the deaths of white children than black ones.  During a recent interview, he said that this incident presents a chance for the nation to speak honestly about the way that racism and violence affect our society.

During their press conference, the NRA said that the answer to the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook was to put armed guards in every school.  The press conference was met with protesters who screamed out that the organization was responsible for killing the nation’s children


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