Growing Acceptance of the Gay Lifestyle

Growing Acceptance of the Gay Lifestyle

Rapid acceptance of homosexual lifestyles and same-sex marriage is sweeping many countries around the globe. Many gay rights advocates now feel their movement is an unstoppable global trend.

Growing Acceptance of the Gay Lifestyle


Same-sex marriages are now allowed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Spain, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina and Mexico City. Many other countries have passed civil union laws for same sex couples.

In 1989 Denmark became the first country in the world to offer civil unions for gay couples. Last summer a new law on same-sex marriage was passed by a large majority. It made it mandatory for all churches to conduct gay marriages. Individual priests can refuse to carry out the ceremony, but the local bishop must arrange a replacement for their church.

Australia has two gay marriage bills being debated in the House of Representatives that will likely be voted on later this year. There appears to be fairly strong support for a change in the definition of marriage. 

In a speech earlier this year Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron supported same-sex marriage, going beyond existing laws covering civil partnerships, which were introduced eight years ago.

Some government ministers have pledged to push through legislation that would make same-sex marriage legal by the next general election in 2015. There is mounting opposition from within the Conservative party and the Church of England and other religious groups.

Of course, where gay marriage is legalized, the promotion in schools, government and media of homosexuality as just another of several acceptable lifestyle options and gay marriage as normal and healthy isn’t far behind.

SeekingtheTruth's picture

This country will adopt same sex union policy. We can slow it by voting concervative reps in and left ones out. But we can’t stop it completely. We’re going by the wayside. Gets worse every election cycle as liberals vote in the law changers that promote evil and lazy conservatives sit back and don’t do enough. Religious ignorance stops many from even going to vote. Seeing the vote as a slap to God when it is not. A lot of folks can accept their part in the blame for the evil in the law that exists.

isitreallywrongtobegay's picture

I’m not looking for an argument, but I feel like I have to say something when you are being so ignorant. I’ve never been a religious man, but I do understand the points you are making on gay marriage, and I sort of agree with you, but saying that gays are “evil” or “unholy” is complete bollucks. The simple facts are that people believe they should be able to love whoever they want

Matoaka's picture

Personally, this Conversation should not be happening. It should never have gotten this far. God made it very plain in Genesis. These UNIONS can be private, but not Legalized. However, you cannot dictate the Heart. IN the END-it is between them and God on Judgement Day. Jesus did not turn people away-what gives us the right!

KARS's picture

It is the practise of homosexuality. That is why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.
It is one thing to be bachelors living together in a house or apartment waiting for that special girl to come into your life one day and remain a virgin till then.

It another practises an abomination before God our Father which He is very displeased with.

dziwczyna's picture

I’m not sure the monitors know much about British English profanity/swearwords, but you might want to edit isitreallywrong’s post. The word is also spelled incorrectly as well.

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Are you guys REALLY not going to post my comment on this article??? I said: (get ready…)

Okay, Sounds Good.

That’s it. .. that’s all I said.

What is the purpose of your comment area? Very few of mine are ever printed.

Isaac Owusu
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keep your CHURCH holy and clean for God to stay in there rest the of his days in your life
The CHURCH am Talking about is your HEART.
Am bless Amen

Sabrina Peabody
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Hi Londonbrandon,

I apologize if your comment got overlooked. For others who may have questions, we have an article that may prove helpful, “I posted a comment. Why can’t I see it on the site?” at .

The purpose of the comment section is provide productive discussion on the related article, give people the opportunity to clarify and ask questions and to provide answers that stem from biblical principles. The comments themselves should also exemplify the fruits of the spirit, no “SHOUTING,” inappropriate use of language, or attacks on other commenters or authors. Of course, when commenting, opinions and thoughts should be put in a constructive, polite manner. For more details, please read our comment policy: .

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Sabrina Peabody
UCG Web Team

vvv's picture

To me this as a focus in the good new magazine and here is just a little bit to much. I’ve worked with people that are gay at various jobs over the past 20+ years and it’s easy to figure out they are born that way. That being said I think they deserve equal treatement as a married couple when they choose to marry. The only part I don’t like is that they can adopt children, but that was already in place before marriage was allowed in some states.

Sabrina Peabody
Sabrina Peabody's picture

VVV, how do you define marriage? Do you use the biblical definition? From what I can discern, marriage was first defined by God as the bond between a man and a woman with the goal of producing godly children.

benjaminlight's picture

The bible is very clear that the Covenant of Marriage is defined as between a man and a woman. It is not a civil union, it is not defined by man’s law (though we’ve made it so), it is defined by the Eternal as a union between a man and a woman that is to last until death. That said, as humans we have allowed our laws to really mess this covenant up. Divorce, Adultery, Homosexuality, the list goes on, but we have truly trampled upon it.

Regarding VVV’s comment of ‘born this way’. I have to respectfully disagree. I too have worked with and continue to work with many homosexual individuals. Wonderful people, but sinners – with sins to overcome, just like the rest of us. People are not born gay, and to state such is to say that God’s design of human kind is fundamentally faulty. Science has shown that there is no ‘gay gene’, and that homosexuality can develop in early childhood by home circumstances, a break down or failing of the family in certain ways, typically relationships with the Father. In an increasingly fatherless society, is it any wonder we see an increasing incidence of homosexuality? While many homosexuals can remember being attracted to members of the opposite sex since they were very small, it’s because of the lack of relationships in the family unit when they were very young, so it seems as though its’s been since they were born.

To impute a higher degree of sin on homosexuals is dangerous ground. Many argue that because its an abomination to the Lord its worse, but there are many other things that God lists as abominations. Proverbs 6:16 gives us a list of seven of them, that many of us are guilty in as well.

The growing degree of acceptance of homosexuality in the United States is a sign of the slide that this country is undergoing. Biblically, we know it will increase, and eventually lead to the country’s downfall and captivity. As Christians we need to focus on taking care of our OWN spiritual condition, praying and studying, and learning to discern right and wrong as things come our way rather than judging (condemning) others. We discern the sin, but have no right to condemn, that’s Christ job. The plank must first come out of our own eye.

Good article, and serves to show the seemingly unstoppable and popular trend of legalization across the nation, and world. Continued proof where things are heading. Thank you for posting it.

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