Did He Do It? Controversy Surrounding Arkansas Man Shot During Arrest Prompts Authorities to Release Dash Cam Video

Did He Do It? Controversy Surrounding Arkansas Man Shot During Arrest Prompts Authorities to Release Dash Cam Video

Police video recorded the night a young man was fatally shot in a northeast Arkansas patrol car while his hands were cuffed behind his back hasn’t resolved questions about whether he shot himself in the head as officers said.

Jonesboro police released footage to The Associated Press and other news organizations under a Freedom of Information Act request this week. They released more footage Friday amid questions about why the first batch of video appeared to end before the officers found Chavis Carter, 21, slumped over and bleeding in the back of a patrol car on July 28 as described in a police report. Police have said officers had frisked Carter twice without finding a gun.

The second batch of video occurred after Carter was discovered, police said.

“There’s still nothing in there about what actually happened with Chavis,” Benjamin Irwin, a Memphis-based lawyer representing Carter’s family, said Friday before the second batch of video had been released.

The internal police investigation into the shooting has not yet been completed. The FBI has said it is also monitoring the case.

Sgt. Lyle Waterworth, spokesman for the Jonesboro police, said Friday morning that he hadn’t yet seen the video his department released the night before. Hours later, amid questions about the dashboard camera video, he agreed to release more footage that he said occurred after Carter was discovered.

No other dashboard camera video exists, he said, but additional video was retrieved during a forensic exam of Carter’s phone. He said that remains part of the active investigation and wouldn’t be released yet.


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