Connecticut Town Sued For Trying To Keep Black Population ‘Below Zero

Connecticut Town Sued For Trying To Keep Black Population ‘Below Zero’

Maurice Garland

1 hour ago

Winchester, CT doesn’t care about black people.

The population in Winchester, Connecticut is 94.4 percent white, 4.5 percent Hispanic and 0 percent black. They want to keep it that way.

The Connecticut Fair Housing Center is suing the small town, accusing them of “systematically and unlawfully” keeping black people from moving there. Well, at least ones without much money.

According to reports, the town is discriminating against African-American families by denying them access to Section 8. In addition to that, the town is telling African American families wanting to move there that they don’t have a bus line, don’t have any jobs and that they are in the woods, in hopes of discouraging them from coming.

The lawsuit also accuses Winchester of drumming up a “residency requirement” law that says you have to already be living in the town to apply for Section 8.

“These requirements are unlawful because in communities with populations that are disproportionately white and or/non-Hispanic they perpetuate segregation by excluding minority applicants who live outside those communities from obtaining housing here,” the lawsuit reads.


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