Brutal: Video of NYPD Cop Bodyslamming Teen Sparks Outrage

Brutal: Video of NYPD Cop Bodyslamming Teen Sparks Outrage

Video of an NYPD police officer bodyslamming a teenager has sparked outrage among many observers.

Officer Michael O’Brien says he caught 19-year-old Sean Pagan evading a subway fare, and when O’Brien confronted Pagan and  tried to arrest him, Pagan resisted. That’s the officer’s story. But as the tape is rolling, you can clearly see Pagan standing with his hands held high up against the wall. At that point, it didn’t appear that he was offering much resistance.

There is no way to be sure, but it appears as though Pagan began to wiggle and squirm when Officer O’Brien touched his groin area during the search. That could, technically, be considered resistance, but does it warrant being bodyslammed onto the cement pavement twice?

One has a hard time believing that Officer O’Brien would approve of his son or daughter being handled this way for evading a subway fare.

After the incident, Sean Pagan spoke on his feelings regarding the incident.

“I was just in shock he really did that,” Pagan told the New York Daily News. “I‘m sure there are other kids who got the same treatment or worse treatment that wasn’t recorded.”

There has been an upsurge in reported cases of police brutality in recent weeks. The murder of an unarmed man by police in Anaheim sparked protests there, and yesterday it was reported that a young man, Chavis Carter, was shot in the back of a police squad car while handcuffed. Police say Carter must have hidden a weapon on his person that they didn’t find during the search, but the mother of the victim disagrees. She says her son was not suicidal and had already called his girlfriend to let her know he’d be calling her from jail. In addition, the gunshot wound was to Carter’s right temple, but according to his mother, Carter was left handed


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