Bishop Convicted For Sodomizing Five Parishers, Some Under 14 Years of Age

Bishop Convicted For Sodomizing Five Parishers, Some Under 14 Years of Age

    A Laguna Hill, CA pastor has been found guilty of sexual assault, today. The pastor’s victims were five young boys who he is reported to have molested in his apartment at Lake Forest.

    Oscar D. Perez Perez, who many believed was also a Bishop was convicted of 22 felony counts of lewd acts upon a child below the age of  14 and four felony counts of lewd acts on a minor. The prosecutor also charged that he should have an imposed enhancement to his sentence  for lewd acts perpetrated on multiple victims.

    The 69 year old predator is facing a maximum sentence of 330 years to life in a state penitentiary. When he is sentenced, he is also facing mandatory lifetime sex offender registration.

    Perez was known as a Bishop and Apostolic pastor at Iglesia Antigua which was a church that rented some space in the building that housed George’s Episcopalian Church in Laguna Hills.

    Perez is reported to have met his five victims at the church and infiltrated their lives by becoming a family friend. He created opportunities to be with the boys by soliciting their help with church services.

    From 2007 all the way up until 2011, the five boys would go to Perez’s apartment to visit or to spend the night. The boys, who vary in age from 9 to 15, were all molested during one of their day or overnight visits. All the boys were molested one or more times.

    The boys were victimized in various ways including kissing and hugging as well as being sodomized. The predator also engaged the boys in oral copulation, sexual penetration and touching the boys’ penis and buttocks.

    Perez will be sentence on September 14.

    7 Responses to Bishop Convicted For Sodomizing Five Parishers, Some Under 14 Years of Age

    1. This guy needs to go straight to hell with gasoline drawers and a lit match.

    2. Ummm…. With pastors, preachers, teachers, football coaches on the news everyday for molesting children, why do parents continue to allow their kids to be alone with just anyone. Im sorry, but my kids will not be at no ones house other then their grandparents without me around. It is our job to protect our children. Stop letting them be alone with just anybody. My pastor is a great man of God, but he can’t keep my kids. I don’t know him like that. Far as I’m concerned, everyone is suspicious when it comes to my children. In order to prevent a homicide, it best my kids stay with me. I pray every time I take them to school and we talk about personal space all the time. Parents protect your kids from the perves out there.

    3. Beware of priests baring gifts

    4. I agree, I’m not comfortable allowing my nine year old to go places without me out my parents. Overnight visits is not an option! I agree with NOLOVE, it’s our job as parents to protect our children. God bless those children who will be affected for life by this man hiding behind God. So sad and sick at the same time. He needs to pay for his actions and I’m sure he will…

    5. This has gone entirely too far. Parents get so caught up with the words preacher, teacher, pastor, bishop and church. Leaving or dropping off your kids for an over nite stay with anyone excepted close relatives and trusted friends whom you know personally is a no no. And you must be sure off the enviroment even then. You must communicate and questions your kids at every interval Then there is still no guarantee that they are safe.Sometimes common sense is best. No man that frequently want to be around young boys or girls without having some structured program that includes a complete staff should be warning enough that you should be suspicious. That titles, Rev,Bishop, Apostle, minister, Choir Director has fooled too many of us parents. WE take more interest in our own activities in a time where it’s just to dangerous not to be cautious. Look for the signs. They are there. Their is always signs. We just don;t look closely enough. Look at this man;s eyes. Something strange is there. LOOK!
      imes have not changed, this has gone on far too long. Look at the Catholic church. They are not alone folks!!! Please be more observant and careful. It may (the next pervert) be as close as a trusted family member.

    6. Is Parez, one of the preacher organizing against the NAACP over its support of gay marriage?.It sound like the people who shout the loudest are always the perpetrators.I wonder how many more Eddy Long, and Parez, out there lurking in the pulpits?.

    7. A recent study by the New Jersey Department of Protective Services reported that up to 75% of Ministers and Pastors in that state are either gay or bi-sexual. So, no one should be surprised in their state if one of their Ministers or Pastors turns out to be a child predator as well.

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