Black Men Have Joined the KKK.

Black Men Have Joined the KKK.

July 9, 2012 by    
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( I remember when I first learned about the KKK as a child. They were portrayed to me as a villainous White posse that went around killing Blacks after slavery to “put them in their place.” I had so much disdain for this crew of cowards, especially when I would go on to learn, by way of my own curiosity, that often times White politicians and businessmen held high positions in this heinous organization. In fact, the first Hollywood blockbuster entitled “Birth of a Nation” centered around, not only the promotion of Blacks as an inferior race, but by concurrently portraying the Klan as some sort of patriotic group coming to rescue Whites from the Black race.

The Klan often came across as a fairy tale creation to me meant to scare Blacks, much like Santa Claus is used to scare children into behaving appropriately. There comical clownish outfits and propensity to burn crosses seemed so outrageously hypocritical that you would just assume they were crafted creatively by a writer of fiction. (In fact, I recently discovered that there was in fact a book entitled “Superman vs. the KKK” that although seemingly fiction, was based on actual events. Click here for more info on that.)

Although often times depicted as a protagonists to the White community, the Klan was without a doubt the antagonist to the Black community and all Americans and a hindrance to experiencing the “freedom” that was eloquently written about in the Declaration of Independence. The true protagonist to these thugs would be courageous heroes such as Ida B. Wells, Malcolm X (and his father) and Marcus Garvey, to name a few.

Fortunately, as time passed the efforts of these individuals would become exceedingly beneficial. Unfortunately, the Klan did not disintegrate the way we had hoped. See, the Klan does not exist aesthetically the same way they used to, but they still are an omnipresent force in Black neighborhoods nationwide. The works of Black activists from the past did nothing more than cause the Klan to take a more tactical approach in their future proceedings.

The new Klan’s resurrection had been imminent for a while and with the election of the first Black president it was no surprise that their presence made an immediate impact on the daily life of African Americans in urban areas. One can assume that this amazing feat greatly infuriated them. How clever of them to then devise the tactical approach of continuing their malicious racial melee in the hometown of the President. Furthermore, they made the wise decision to go incognito this time. That works significantly better than riding through Black neighborhoods in White sheets I suppose.

The contemporary Klan is the reason that Chicago will probably amass 500 homicides by the end of the year. They are the reason that a seven-year-old named Heaven Sutton is dead. They are also the reason a ten-year-old child was shot while walking with her parents. Additionally, they are responsible for the 40-50 shootings that occur across Chicago every weekend. This new and improved Klan has stymied the growth and development of the Black community far more than the Klan of the early 20th century.  Ida B. Wells would be disappointed. Nathan Bedford Forrest would be proud.

The new Grand Wizards are your local gang bangers and wannabe thugs who feel the best way to resolve a conflict is not by peacefully coming to a resolution through discussion. Rather, they believe the best way to resolve a conflict is through pulling a trigger and ending someone else’s life in hopes of ending the eternal internal hatred conflict within. The Black men who are members of this neo-Klan are cowards. They are a pejorative force that must be stopped immediately. They often commit these odious acts without receiving prison time as a penalty, similar to the original Klan. The people who are being killed had the potential to become scientist, politicians and entrepreneurs. In fact, the Klan members who pull the trigger are just as adroit, but that potential will likely never materialize.

The original Klan operated off of self-hatred and an insidious hatred for Black people. This neo-Klan operates off of self-hatred and an insidious hatred for Black people. What is the difference? As far as I’m concerned there is non


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