Boy, 8, Slashes Neck of Classmate with Razor

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By Danielle Cheesman
8:18 AM Jun 13th, 2012
Boy, 8, Slashes Neck of Classmate with Razor

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An 8-year-old boy slashed the neck of another child at a Bronx school on Tuesday, according to the NY Daily News.

During recess, the boy pulled out a double-edge razor and sliced the 9-year-old victim across the back of the neck, causing a “deep laceration.”

The victim also endured a cut on his right hand during the fight.

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His attacker was charged as a juvenile with assault and weapons possession.

Parents, however, are not shocked by the behavior of the students. Evelyn Gomez, 50, parent of a fifth-grader said, “There’s no discipline. There’s too much things swept under the rug and nothing’s being done about it.

The principal has already canceled graduation ceremonies at Public School 132 because the students are so out of control.

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