Israeli Mob Attacks Black Immigrants, Netanyahu Vows to Send Blacks ‘Home

sraeli Mob Attacks Black Immigrants, Netanyahu Vows to Send Blacks ‘Home’

Mobs in Tel-Aviv, Israel have taken to the streets to demand that African immigrants be sent home.

White Israelis protesting black migrants.

More than 1,000 angry Israeli citizens took to the streets of the poor and mostly black neighborhood of Hatikva to demand that the African immigrants be made to leave. White nationalist organizations also reportedly ransacked the neighborhood.

The protesters claimed that blacks are responsible for an increase in crime rates.

Demonstrators shouted, “Blacks out!” and ”Send the Sudanese back to Sudan.”

The mob trashed the city, smashing windows and setting debris and buildings on fire. The mob is also accused on pelting blacks with rocks and grabbing blacks in the neighborhood and beating them.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, said last night the problem of the “infiltrators” would be solved.

“We will soon begin with the process of returning infiltrators to their countries of origin,” he said. “I’m saying these things to the residents of south Tel Aviv whose pain I understand. We will solve this problem in a responsible manner.”


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