Beck Offers $150K for Wright’s Secret Box on Obama

Beck Offers $150K for Wright’s Secret Box on Obama
Posted on May 17, 2012 at 11:27am by Tiffany Gabbay
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On Thursday, The Blaze released more exclusive audio of an interview (parts of which were first released by Sean Hannity) between “The Amateur” author Ed Klein and Reverend Jeremiah Wright. That book contains shocking allegations about President Barack Obama and the relationship he shared with the controversial preacher. Among the information in the book is Wright’s claims that: Obama saw the pastor as a “deterrent” to becoming president; neither Michelle nor Barack Obama truly embraced religion as “church was not their thing;” and that church served only as a political platform for the Obamas.

But most poignant of all, however, is that the audio reasserts the information that was leaked over the weekend: that Wright was offered a bribe of $150,000 by close Obama-friend Eric Whitaker to remain quiet and refrain from preaching until after the 2008 election. In addition to that, though, the controversial pastor also claims to have a cardboard box that contains proof of Whitaker’s offer, along with other items that would corroborate his story.

On his Thursday morning radio broadcast, Glenn Beck said that based on Wright’s history, it is clear he is not a man who has ever shied away from “telling the truth about who he is and what he believes in.” With this in mind, Beck made Wright an offer difficult to refuse: $150,000 for the contents of the cardboard box.


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