Racist Nursing School Accuses Black Students Of Cheating

chool Accuses Black Students Of Cheating

Students pass exam, told “you people don’t score that high.”

In case you didn’t get the memo, non-blacks have a monopoly on performing well on exams. Which is why administrators at Withlacoochee Technical Institute in Inverness, Florida accused to African-American female students of cheating when they scored “too high” on a test.


In 2010, Leila Jackson-Burch and Aretha Thomas, who are related, took the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE), an entrance exam for nursing school and other vocational training. Evidently, both of these adults are well-versed in basic education, resulting in them doing rather well on the test. Too good, if you ask their instructors.

When their test scores came back, director Judy Johnson, and assistant director Denise Willis, both of whom are white females, became suspicious and told Jackson-Burch and Thomas “you people don’t score that high.” At that point they demanded that the two women re-take the two-hour test. 

Feeling disrespected, Jackson-Burch refused and got in her car but Johnson used her body to block the car from leaving and then called 911. When cops got to the scene, Jackson-Burch allowed them to search her cell phone and found no evidence of cheating. But, even after that, school administrators still told the Florida Department of Education, the Orange County School Board and Columbia College that Jackson-Burch cheated and refused to validate her TABE test score for eight months, making her miss out on a pre-planned nursing course.

Thomas accepted a $2,500 “my bad” settlement from the Citrus County School Board but Jackson-Burch refused to take one and will see them in court.

“Not only did the racially charged statement offend Plaintiff (Jackson-Burch), the manner in which it was stated reveals a level of comfort and bigotry that is usually reserved for private embrace,” the lawsuit states


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