Girls are girls no more |

Parents have this 1980’s mindset that you should give your child autonomy and independence, let your children make their own mistakes. One father said to me, “I don’t think its any of my business what my daughter’s doing on her Facebook page.” That 80’s mindset is wildly inappropriate in the 21st century. Parents need to understand it’s a dangerous world these teenagers have created … 15-year-olds are not adults, they’re not competent to police themselves, and that’s why they need adults to be engaged in their world (Macleans’, May 10th, 2010).

Rearing a teenage girl in today’s world can be like navigating a minefield blindfolded. This point was well illustrated by two recent articles in Canada’s popular Maclean’s magazine dealing with the challenges facing our youth and by one middle school softball game

Girls are girls no more |


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