Black woman in Cracker Barrel beating filing a lawsuit


From HipHopWired

Tashawnea Yeasha Hill, the woman that was beaten to the ground in front of her 7-year-old daughter at a Cracker Barrel is filing a lawsuit.

As previously reported, the army reservist confirmed that she was punched and kicked by Troy Dale West Jr. on Sept. 9, 2009, after she told him he almost hit her daughter with the restaurant door. Hill also told police that West yelled racial slurs while he beat her as her child watched in horror.

West was previously facing a maximum of 44 years in prison before a plea deal ended his trial with a 6-month sentence. He was later released in December 2010 after serving only 43 days. (SMH!!!!)

Now Hill is firing back with a lawsuit aimed at not only her attacker, but at the restaurant chain where the incident occured. According to The AJC, she’s asking for a jury trial in a lawsuit filed Friday in Clayton County State Court.

Black woman in Cracker Barrel beating filing a lawsuit


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