Nia Watkins; Isn’t that kind of Racist? : I was on the bus reading this book I’m currently enthralled in titled, “Don’t Play in the Sun: One Woman’s Journey Through the Color Complex” by Marita Golden. This woman saw the book and asked what it was about and I explained to her it was about the issue of skin-tone amongst black women. She then continued to ask me questions about why I’m reading it, about myself and what I do. I told her I work mainly with young black girls instilling in them a sense of self-love and an awareness of their worth and that my ultimate goal is to uplift black women. And then she looks at me somewhat shocked but understanding and says,” Why are you only concerned about self-love and the well-being of black women, and not all women, isn’t that kind of racist?” The bus had just arrived at my stop, when she asked the question, so I had to get off the bus before I could respond. As I walked to Trader Joe’s, I thought about her question, and I could see where she was coming from, why she and other women would probably think the same thing.

Nia Watkins; Isn’t that kind of Racist? :


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